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Cathy McKnight

After a five year hiatus our family has re-opened Cara Scissoria to share with the world

In remembrance of Catherine M. McKnight,
the founder of Cara Scissoria (my dear scissors) has passed away.
Cathy is still with us through her art,
with and greeting cards enjoy and laugh out loud.

In Loving Memory
Catherine M. McKnight
June 30, 1956 – December 19, 2015

Cards are $4.00. Shipping is a flat rate of $5.00 regardless of size of order, due to increased USPS prices.. Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours.

Ordering is done with PayPal. You can pay with your PayPal account or by credit card.

You may also pay by check: Please send your order and check to:
Cara Scissoria
264 Camellia Lane
Costa Mesa CA 92627

If you have any questions about expedited shipping please email.

Email: sales@carascissoria.com
Phone: (949) 274-9318

3 thoughts on “Ordering / About

  1. I am so sorry to read about Catherine’s death. What a great way to remember her.

    Also, on a very insignificant note — I am not able to order the 2BORNOT2B texting card because the site doesn’t allow options.

    Also, do you sell posters?

    Amelia Kaye

  2. Thank you so much. I will talk to the webmaster about the card. In the meantime I will send you the card. How many would you like.
    I am working on posters and T-shirts. At this time I am trying to build the customer base back up.
    Tess @ Cara Scissoria

  3. I am very sorry to hear about Catherine’s passing. She made my Christmas every year–I loved sharing her cards, and my friends got such a kick out of them. It got to the point where they would look forward to them every year so I was sad when her website went on hiatus.

    Thank you for bringing back her site and honoring her memory. I am happy that you’re back although it is bittersweet having learned about her passing.

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